Dear Windy City Orthodontics Patients and Families,

We have missed you! Even though COVID-19 is still with us, the Illinois Department of Public Health has announced that dentist may resume non-emergency treatment with increased awareness and protection of our patients and our team. While we are SUPER-EXCITED to see you, please do NOT call us right away to schedule your visit. We have been keeping meticulous track of those whose appointments have already been changed due to this unprecedented situation, and will be reaching out to you as soon as we can, starting with those who have been waiting the longest.

We have modified our scheduling as well to provide protection to our patients and team, and optimize the use of PPE which is still scarce and difficult to order quickly or in quantity. Please bear with us as we learn these new systems and become efficient with them. I promise we don’t want you to wait one day longer than absolutely necessary.

You will notice many changes to your experience when you come visit us, and I appreciate your patience as we all get used to this “new normal.” Eventually we will be able to return to a more normal life, and until safe and effective treatment, a vaccine, and/or herd immunity is gained against the coronavirus, extra steps are necessary to protect everyone. Help us help you smile:

  • We are screening every person who enters the office each day, including our team, for COVID-19 risk factors and any signs of flu-like or respiratory illness according to the CDC’s criteria. If it seems we ask you the same questions a lot, bear with us as we will be doing it hundreds of times a day on some days!
  • The sidewalk or your car is now your waiting room; please call or text us when you arrive. With few exceptions for when parents are absolutely necessary, we are only allowing active patients inside the office. We will send updates after your child’s appointment! We will attempt to complete all paperwork electronically, and before your appointment when possible.
  • Temperature checks will be done as part of our screening. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be rescheduled. Get Well Soon!
  • Nose and mouth covering or a mask is required for everyone. Please bring your own and a sweater. We have to work in more protective equipment than normal and it’s going to be COLD inside!
  • Everyone will be asked to clean their hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water.
  • Toothbrushing stations and restrooms are closed. Please brush and floss at home.
  • There are restrictions on aerosol procedures. These modifications are for everyone’s safety.
  • Please inform us ahead of time if you know you have a broken bracket or need a repair so we can make sure to schedule any aerosol procedures properly and save you an extra visit.

Your patience and understanding with these changes is greatly appreciated! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are so happy to see you soon – remember that you are all beautiful and very loved!

Darren C. Pakravan, DDS, MS